About Us

Our Story

Jaece Industries, Inc is an innovative, veteran owned company specializing in select group of products used in laboratories, universities and hospitals throughout the world.

We meet the needs of our customers through our branded, trade marked products such as Identi-plugs as well as private labels. A large distributor network brings our products to the market. Because we are small, we are capable of reacting quickly to special needs and orders including sizes and quantities.

Jaece provides products often utilized in the testing of drosophila. Stoppers are used with vials and glassware where breathability is an issue. Over the years, we've added absorbent liners which protect surfaces and absorb liquids. Our non-absorbent liners are used to protect and cushion valuable glassware. You'll find foam test tube racks for storage and protection as well as floating tube racks used in water baths and beakers. We also offer slide holders and special markers used on plastic, metal and glass.

We will continue to add and expand as we respond to changing markets and offer solutions to those opportunities.


Jaece Industries, Inc was formed over 30 years ago in 1982 when the Identi-plug line was purchased from a large multinational company.

Identi-plugs are foam test tube stoppers that are most often used in testing of drosophila. They are economical and found to be superior to cotton and other closures where snug fit and breathability are an issue. They continue to be a staple in our product mix.

Our facilities are located at 908 Niagara Falls Blvd, North Tonawanda, NY 14120. From modest beginnings in this facility we've grown and expanded our space and personnel with still a focus on a small, family oriented business.

We believe that whatever we do, we do well. Distributors have recognized our excellence over the years and have cited us for our achievements. Today, we still remember our roots and will only add products and services that are consistent with our historical values.