Foam plugs for all size test tubes and laboratory flasks.

Foam Test Tube Rack

Test tube storage and protection during shipping.


Polyester Drosophila Plugs.

Absorbent Bench-Top Liner

Protects surfaces and absorbs liquids in your laboratory.

Foam Bench, Drawer, Shelf Liner

A resilient foam surface that helps cushion sensitive instruments against vibration and can reduce breakage. Provides surface protection from chemicals, heat, dirt and broken glass.


Permanent marker to write on Identi-Plugs, plastic, glass and metal.

Floating Test Tube Rack

Foam racks for PCR, microtubes and centrifuge tubes.

Slide Holder

White plastic receptacle for use during slide evaluation and cleaning.

Biopsy Pad

Uniform polyester reticulated open cell foam Biopsy Pads.


Absorbent Liner Dispenser.

Foam Projectile Cleaners

Foam projectiles for tube cleaning.

Bench-Armor Plus

Highly absorbent upper roll that consists of a proprietary super absorbent polymer formula that quickly absorbs and locks the spill in.


High Density Foam Drosophila Plugs.