Absorbent Bench-Top Liner

Unique Features

  • Economical
  • Absorbs spills
  • Retains liquids
  • Soft and durable
  • Can be cut to size

Protects surfaces and absorbs liquids.

Protect benchtops, floors and carts with this highly absorbent cover. Keeps spills from spreading. Cushions the surface while absorbing liquids. Backing is waterproof and resistant to most chemicals. Made of highly absorbent three-ply tissue with a polypropylene backing.

Product #


AL205020" x 50' - one roll in dispenser box
AL2050620" x 50' - six rolls in dispenser box
AL2030020" x 300' - one roll
AL20245020" x 24" - pre-cut sheet, 50 per box
AL2060020" x 300' - two rolls
AL20600R20" x 300' - two rolls with EZROLL dispenser rack
EZROLLEZROLL dispenser rack