Charlie-Plugs for Drosophila

Unique Features

  • Completely made in the USA
  • Perfect fit for narrow vials, wide vials and drosophila bottles
  • Polyester does not retain moisture like cellulose acetate in humid
  • Leaves no clinging fibers
  • Does not break like cellulose acetate

Polyester Drosophila Plugs

Charlie-Plugs are made from recycled polyester. Polyester is stronger, allowing more breathability and mite protection than cellulose acetate. Charlie-Plugs look, feel, and perform just like cellulose acetate with many benefits.

Product #


CP-N730For narrow vials 1000/cs - 23.96mm diameter x 27mm length
CP-W750For wide vials 1000/cs - 27.69mm Diameter x 27mm length
CP-B770For drosophila bottles 1000/cs - 38.10mm diameter x 31mm length