Unique Features

  • Easiest Closure Available Insert/Gas/Remove
  • Reusable - Washable/Autoclavable
  • Open cell breathable foam
  • Very snug fit, effective barrier against mites
  • Precision die cut uniform foam

High Density Foam Drosophila Plugs.

Used in drosophila labs for years because they work! These are the easiest closures available. Allows gas insertion with the plug still in and does not leave clinging fibers like cotton plugs. Jaece Identi-PlugsĀ® are economical because they can be reused and autoclaved. Perfect for high or low volume labs looking at the bottom line. Call and ask for a free sample!!

Vial/Bottle Size

Product #


Narrow VialL800-B2400/CS
Wide VialL800-C200/CS